The Blowflies
is proud to announce its affiliation with ChaosMusic


Chaos Music is Australia’s highest traffic music website. Chaos offers international Promotion and distribution at no up front fee cost to the artist. The Blowflies are listed on the chaos web site and have the songs "Tired of Living" and "Circus" available to download for free.
Listen to them while you browse through our website and connecting links.

Distributing our CDs through Chaos Music will make it easier for you to download and purchase our CDs through a secure on-line service.

Janita Suter
Email-[email protected]
Tel (02) 9286 5033

Drumtek Retail store for drummers looking for the personal touch.
Ray Deegan
Email-[email protected]
Tel (03) 9482 5550

(left to right)
Lance and Ray at Drumtek

Hitek Everything from Hi-fi gear to the latest in studio equipment.
Will and Arch Stevenson
Tel (03) 9482 1744
fax-(03) 9482 1744
Scot at Hitek

Warwick Bass amps
Musical Boutique
Robbie Little
Email-[email protected]
Tel (03) 9888 6077

Beau Southey Lighting production design, production management. CAD
modeling and rendering graphic design .
Designer of the Cyber Blowfly.
E mail-[email protected]

Thor Hammaraxx WebMaster , WebPage Designer
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